About Us

Those three simple words summarize why Solar Marine Solutions is in business. We take the notion of good clean fun to the next level. Here’s how:

We harness the limitless energy of the sun to provide a BETTER alternative for operating flotation-type boat lifts without the hassle, expense and danger of traditional AC current.

Lightweight and compact, our CLEAN power system lets you fully utilize dock space, without the unsightly look, noxious smell and racket of generators. The unobtrusive system, which includes a pair of solar panels weighing in at approximately 5 pounds,  includes a water-tight battery pack system containing lithium iron phosphate batteries that are so safe and clean, they quality for landfill disposal.

But it will be a long, long time before you’ll need to consider anything other than having FUN on the lake. The battery pack is laboratory and field-tested and proven to provide years of lift cycles under normal working conditions. Replacement packs can be shipped directly to you, and easily replaced without any new installation required. But even the initial installation is a cinch. Our proprietary, cutting edge technology is delivered to you or your dock installer as a plug-and-play system, requiring only minimal wiring skills and tools.